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Morham + Brotchie Partnership adopt a truly thorough and robust approach to the assessment, procurement and control of costs involved in all our projects, because we believe that this approach is in the best interests of our clients.

Development Studies

It is crucial that when strategic decisions have to be made, they are based upon reliable and robust cost estimates. Our skill and experience allows us to provide such estimates at very early stages of a project, and consequently in most cases are prepared with very limited design information.

  • +  Master plans
  • +  Options appraisals
  • +  Development appraisals
  • +  Feasibility Studies


 "In my experience they provide a service that no one else does. M&B are always trying to help. They “fight your corner”."

John Mackenzie, Client project manager : Shetland Amenity Trust


"This quality rubs off on the cost advice provided, which is typically in depth and considerate to the priorities of the client, often committed when there is little formal design information available."

Alan Thomson, Lee Boyd Architects

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Cost planning

Cost planning is crucial to the success of our projects, helping to minimise risk and optimise our clients capital investment.   It’s fundamental purpose is to estimate and monitor the construction cost of a project, allowing our clients, together with the design team, to make informed decisions while developing the project within budget.

We question, analyse and interrogate drawings and information we are provided with so that we can produce detailed and robust cost plans and estimates.

  • +  Cost planning
    +  Strategic level costs
    +  Detailed option analysis
    +  Life cycle costs
    +  Budget estimating
    +  Indicative costs
    +  Value engineering


"Extremely professional, provide very clear breakdowns, very helpful and very good at explaining things to clients who have not been through the process before."

Gillian Hanley, Crew Architects

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Cost Monitoring & Control

As the design of a project evolves and develops it is crucial that the cost of the project is monitored.   The cost plan becomes a control document and is regularly updated and reviewed so that construction costs and other project costs are proactively managed.

  • +  Monitoring design development
  • +  Pre tender estimates
"Morham & Brotchie are actually interested in the projects we work on together, the design as it evolves and their positive role and contribution to the strength of the design team."

Alan Thomson, Lee Boyd Architects

"The combination of working alongside pleasant and efficient individuals who are compiling accurate cost assessments provides a situation that sets M+BP a “cut above” other surveying companies."

David Millar, Austin-Smith:Lord Architects

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Cash Flow Forecasting

When embarking on a construction project it is essential that our clients, at any point through the contract, have funds available to meet their financial obligations.


  • +  Overall project cost cash flows
  • +  Construction cost cash flows
  • +  Costed profiles
"M&B are very good at getting the numbers right."

Benjamin Tindall, Benjamin Tindall Architects


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Contract & Procurement Advice

A building project is perceived by many people to be a high risk venture.

With the potential for delays, disputes, and cost overruns, it is critical that the procurement route adopted, the contractors selected and the form of contract used are appropriate to the project.    Factors that should be considered include time, quality, cost, risk allocation and location.

  • + Procurement options
  • + Contractor selection
  • + Contract forms
  • + Contract advice
  • + Programming
  • + Extensions of Time
  • + Loss & Expense
"Morham + Brotchie Partnership recognise that it’s the final account that matters not the tender and the ability to accurately control the size of the final account depends on the thoroughness of the contract documents."

James Simpson, Simpson & Brown Architects 

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Tender Documentation

Morham + Brotchie Partnership could be described as traditional in its approach to quantity surveying.   The practice very much believes that measurement and thoroughness form the fundamental basis of sound quantity surveying practice.  The preparation of detailed tender documents and bills of quantities assuming a traditional procurement route is adopted allows competitive and detailed tenders to be obtained, ensuring costs are tightly controlled during the post contract stages of projects.

  • + Bills of Quantities
  • + Forms of contract
  • + Form of Tender
  • + Preliminaries
  • + Other forms of pricing documents
"Good control documents (bills of quantities) are central to the ability to control the final account."

James Simpson, Simpson & Brown Architects

"Meticulous in their presentation of bills of quantities."

George Baillie, John Dennis & Co, Building Contractors

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Interim Payments to Contractors

A proper commitment to post contract services includes frequent site visits to prepare valuations.   This ensures that contractors are paid fairly for work carried out, but no more.

  • +  Interim valuations
  • +  Contracts of purchase
"M&B are the guardians of traditional quantity surveying in Scotland."

James Simpson, Simpson & Brown, Architects

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Cost Reporting

A proper commitment to post contract services includes frequent site visits to prepare valuations, to remeasure appropriate elements of the work and to attend site meetings.   Allowing us to be fully informed about variations and on site issues that may have a bearing on costs.    Enabling us to monitor costs and provide accurate cost reports.

  • +  Formated to suit client & funders requirements
  • +  Forecast of final cost
"I do genuinely believe Morham + Brotchie Partnership sit apart from their competitors, as they have maintained the ability to deliver accurate cost forecasting to fully measured Bills of Quantities, in a specialised field which, many competitors are unable to undertake, or are unwilling to provide as a full service."

David Millar, Austin-Smith:Lord Architects

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Final Accounts

So that we can prepare the final account, we believe that it is essential that there is a  proper commitment to post contract services, including frequent site visits, remeasurement of appropriate elements of the work and the identification and agreement of variations as they arise.   The less palatable alternative is that the contractor dictates the final cost of a project!

  • +  Final account
"Morham + Brotchie Partnership recognise that it’s the final account that matters not the tender and the ability to accurately control the size of the final account depends on the thoroughness of the contract documents."

James Simpson, Simpson & Brown Architects


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Grants and Grant Eligibility

Funding of projects in the voluntary, community and heritage sectors can be challenging and often very complex.   In most cases multiple funding sources are needed to allow the project to proceed.

Each funder has their own particular requirements for both applications for grant funding and also when drawing down any funding awarded.   This means that we often have to present costs in different formats and at different stages to suit the requirements of each funder.   This is something that requires skill, attention to detail, patience and an ability to understand each funder’s objectives so that funding is realised where possible.

  • +  Submissions and applications
  • +  Grant drawdown


"Morham + Brotchie Partnership have a lot of experience with public sector fund raising agencies, HLF & Historic Scotland and this has been very helpful to us."

Lucy Byatt – Client: Director at Hospitalfield Arts

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Employer's Agent

Acting as the Employers Agent on design and build contracts we organise the tender process, assist in defining the employers requirements, collate contract documents, monitor project costs and administer the contract on site.


  • +  Design & Build


"Highly recommended, I have worked with Ewan twice; once for a client in relation to a luxury hospitality conversion and more recently on a personal distillery build project. The professionalism devoted to both projects was second to none and we certainly would not have achieved the results we did without M&B. They will always be our 'go to' QS!."


Helen McKenzie Smith, Lindores Distilling Co. Ltd

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Insurance Reinstatement Valuations

Reinstatement cost assessments are required by most UK insurance underwriters in order to provide a professional evaluation of a building’s rebuilding cost following total destruction. Crucially, their accuracy is essential in ensuring that property is adequately insured.

The implications of underinsurance can be severe, the claim can be reduced on a pro rata basis, which in some cases may result in the policyholder not being able to reinstate their property.    Simple generic average £/m2 rates are often not appropriate or applicable to older properties and listed buildings.

An historic example:

Penicuik House considered to be one of the finest examples of Palladian architecture in Britain.

On the 16th of June 1899, disaster struck. A fire broke out causing large-scale destruction of the interior of the grand house and completely gutting the roof.
Sadly, the house could not be saved and, due to problems with insurance, funds were unavailable to meet the cost of rebuilding the main house.

Penicuik House Preservation Trust

Penicuik House project case study

  • +  Valuations
  • +  Assistance with claims
"Our relationship has been sustained because of the consistent high quality of services M+BP have provided on cost planning, funding applications, contractor selection and general contract advice."

David Millar, Austin-Smith:Lord Architects

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Expert Witness

Disagreement over project cost and project delivery are not uncommon.  We provide unbiased professional expert advice to help settle and resolve contractual disputes.

  • +  Dispute Resolution
  • +  Expert witness statements


"They are a credit to their profession."

David Millar, Austin-Smith:Lord Architects 

"Morham + Brotchie Partnership think laterally on a project. They are very good team players. In my experience they provide a service that no one else does. M&B are always trying to help.   They “fight your corner”."

John Mackenzie, Shetland Amenity Trust

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From ruinous scheduled monuments and structures to grand Grade 1 and Category A listed buildings, our considerable experience of carrying out appropriate conservation works means that we have a clear understanding about the level of quantity surveying input that these projects demand.

  • + Natural slate, clay tiles, leadwork, copperwork, decorative roof features
  • + Traditional skills & materials
  • + Lime plasters, lime harling & decorative plaster work
  • + Special painter work finishes, paper conservation, gilding
  • + Historic timber repairs, ornate joinery, panelling and woodwork
  • + Listed and historic buildings and structures
  • + Stonework, carving, masonry consolidation, pencheck stairs, chimneys
  • + Stained and leaded glass 
"Morham + Brotchie Partnership are my go to quantity surveyor when I need specialist cost advice on technically challenging conservation projects."

David Millar, Austin-Smith:Lord Architects

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